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Metal Labels : Aluminium Plant Labels & Markers
Metal Garden Labels that outlast plastic labels for decades


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Introduction : Aluminium Plant Tags.

Annual labelling is a thing of the past with Alitags Aluminium Plant Label, leaving you time to do other gardening jobs and saving the frustration of forgetting the names of your plants due to ineffective labelling. Our Aluminium plant markers are made from specially etched and anodised aluminium, a material of traditional character, which will not compete with the plants for attention, but will last for decades. Both our permanent labelling and Alitags are used worldwide in Botanical gardens and Research Institutions, gardens open to public including the National Trust, and Council Parks Department. ALITAGS featured in the Consumers Association Publication Gardening Which, and have also been featured on many television programs and recommended in many newspapers and magazines.

Choose the right labels for your plants.

Our Aluminium plant labels/markers can either be used by tying onto the plant or pushed into the ground. A4, A6 and A3 labels which offer both options can have their stems bent around the plant and pushed through the hole. P8 which also offer both options can be bent to 90o so that the labels is read level to the ground. A5 and A51 are ideal for shrubs and P8 is ideal for small plants and alpine for examples.

Victorian Label

The standard Victorian label (A7 & P7) with 2 holes is a traditional shape for fruit trees, roses and wall plants. The Victorian labels are also available with a single hole for nailing directly on the tree trunk or onto a post.
 ALITAGS are available in 2 versions : Pencil Alitags and Professional Alitags, both of which are made from special Aluminium.
  - Pencil Alitags are 0.5mm thick, and can be written with pencil only.
  - Professional Alitags are 0.8mm thick, and can not only be written with pencil but can also be punched with Alitags Character punches.

Do I want Pencil Alitags or Professional Alitags ?

  Pencil Alitags Professional Alitags
  I just want to write on the labels with pencil Yes Yes
  I want to punch or engrave the labels No Yes
  Thickness 0.5 mm 0.8 mm
  TIP : If you just want to write on the labels with pencil, we recommend you use Pencil Alitags which can do the job perfectly for you. You do NOT need the Professional Alitags, unless you need stronger labels or longer and larger stem labels.


Alitags plant labels are made from aluminium with a special surface. They can be written with an ordinary HB pencil or our Alitag Pencil. The pencil will react with the special surface, making the writing permanent. Pencil has been reported to have last over 30 years on etched and anodised aluminium. It will not be washed off by the rain. A rubber can be used to remove the pencil within one year, if you wish to reuse the labels. Pencil Alitags are approximately 0.5 millimetre thick.


Aluminium Plant Labels & Alitags Pencil

Alitag Pencil is made from solid pure graphite which is darker than ordinary HB pencil. Unlike ordinary HB pencils, our Alitag Pencil has no wood round it, the whole pencil is a solid pure graphite measuring 7mm in diameter and 17.50 cm long.

 <<< Alitags Pencil

Ogee Stem - Aluminium Plant Label
Ogee Stem (AOS)

TIP : We do NOT recommend you use any other so called "indelible" pens on Alitags, becasue they will not last. Simply use an ordinary HB pencil or our Alitag pencil only.

Pencil Alitags 0.5mm thick


Many gardeners and plantsmen have become frustrated by plastic labels, which weather harden and become brittle, snapping easily, and indelible inks that only produce labels which fade and become illegible. The Alitags system of labelling is TRULY PERMANENT - the professional Alitags are 0.8mm thick (about the thickness of the average knife blade) and the lettering, effected by punching the letters of the plant name into the surface of the label, cannot wear off or fade, but are truly permanent.


Professional Alitags Plant Labels




Wooden Holding Box for
Character Punches


Professional Alitags 0.8mm thick

TIP : you can also write on the professional alitags with an ordinary HB pencil or our Aliag pencil.
TIP : Most customers who bought character punches without a jig came back to buy a jig later. Unless you have already got a jig, we do recommend that you buy it together with labels and character punches to save the cost of P&P later.
TIP : Character Punches come from a manufacturer in a rather tight plastic box. For an extra cost, we supply a wooden holding box that keeps each character apart, making it easier to use.

The lettering process
uses 37 characters (alphabet, &, and numbers), which are available in 3 sizes; 6mm and 5mm for trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants; and 3mm for alpine plants. The character punches are used individually as required to produce the plant names; each letter punch is tapped into the surfaced leaving a lasting impression which provide a most professional, truly permanent, resilient, and clear label.


Professional Alitags Plant Labels
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A Jig is available to aid the positioning of the character punches The jig, which is made of steel and brass, clamps the labels in position and the calibration ensures straight lines and even spacing of characters.

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Stainless Steel Jig (top) & Steel Jig (bottom)






►►Price List

All prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP).
Prices for UK and EEC include VAT
Prices for USA and Non-EEC exclude VAT, as VAT is not payable.
 Dimension  UK & EU    USA & Rest Of World  
 Pencil Alitags (0.5mm thick) - For Use with Pencil Only PRICE (GBP) PRICE (GBP)
 AP    Alitags Pencil  175mm x 7mm  each


 AM  Pencil Alitags Mixed Pack
 5 pieces of each A1, A2, A4, A6, A5, A51, A3, AOS, AMOS, A7 35.75 29.79
 A1  4 x 3/4" Label  102mm x 19mm   per 25


 A2  4 x 1 1/2" Label    104mm x 38mm  per 25


 A5  4 x 1" Label  102mm x 25mm  per 25


 A51    4" x 7/8" Label  100mm x 22mm  per 50


 per 25


 A3  Short Stem Display    104mm x 65mm  per 50


   per 25


 A4  4" Label  104mm x 13mm  per 100


   per 50


 per 25


 P4  4" Label  104mm x 13mm  per 100 33.00 27.50
Exactly the same as the above A4 labels, but thicker i.e 0.8mm
thick. Just for users who need stronger labels.
 per 50


 per 25 9.75 8.13
 A6  6" Label  150mm x 16mm    per 100


 per 50


 per 25


 P6  6" Label  150mm x 16mm  per 100 43.00 35.83
Exactly the same as the above A6 labels, but thicker i.e 0.8mm
thick. Just for users who need stronger labels.
 per 50 23.50 19.58
 per 25 13.00 10.83
 AOS    Ogee Stem  87mm x 45mm  per 50


 per 25


 per 10


 AMOS    Mini Ogee Stem  57mm x 35mm  per 50


 100mm tall  per 25


 A7  Victorian Hanging Label (2 holes)    4" x 2 1/2"  per 50


 102mm x 63mm  per 25


 A7X  Victorian Hanging Label (1 hole)  4" x 2 1/2"  per 50 43.00 35.83
 102mm x 63mm  per 25 24.25 20.21
 A39  Small Circular Label

39mm Diameter

 per 50 19.00 15.83
   per 25 10.50 8.75
 A70  Large Circular Label  70mm Diameter  per 50 30.75 25.63
 per 25 16.50 13.75
 Pencil Alitags (0.5mm thick) - For Use with Pencil Only Above
 Professional Alitags (0.8mm thick) - For Use with Punches or Pencil Below
 Dimension UK & EEC USA & Rest Of World
 PM  Professional Alitags Mixed Pack
 5 pieces of each P1, P2, P5, P8, P7, and 2 pieces of each PVS, PRS, PES 38.50 32.08
 P1  4" x 3/4" Label  102mm x 19mm  per 25


 P2  4" x 1 1/2"  102mm x 38mm  per 25 20.25 16.88
 P5  4" x 1"  102mm x 25mm  per 25 17.25 14.38
 P7  Victorian Hanging ( 2 holes )  4" x 2 1/2"  per 50 47.75 39.79
 102mm  x 63mm    per 25 24.75 20.63
 P7X  Victorian Hanging ( 1 hole )  4" x 2 1/2"  per 50 51.50 42.92
 102mm  x 63mm  per 25 26.75 22.29
 P8  8" Label  8 x 3/4"  per 100 91.00 75.83
 204mm x 19mm  per 50 47.25 39.38
 per 25 25.25 21.04
 per 10 10.75 8.96
 PES  Edwardian Stem  102mm x 47mm  per 50 94.50 78.75
 196mm tall  per 25 49.50 41.25
 per 10 21.00 17.50
 PRS  Rectangular Stem  102mm x 63mm  per 50 133.75 111.46
 280mm tall  per 25 71.00 59.17
 per 10 30.00 25.00
 PVS  Victorian Stem  102mm 62mm  per 50 169.50 141.25
 330 mm tall  per 25 88.00 73.33
 per 10 37.25 31.04
 P13  Character punches - 3mm (1/8")    width = 3 mm  set of A-Z, 0-9   90.00 75.00
 P15  Character punches - 5mm (3/16")    width = 5 mm  set of A-Z, 0-9 100.00 83.33
 P16  Character punches - 6mm (1/4")  width = 6 mm  set of A-Z, 0-9 121.00 100.83


 Jig (brass and steel )  185mm x 77mm  each 151.00 125.83


 Jig ( brass and stainless steel )  185mm x 77mm  each 254.00 211.67
 PB  Wooden holding box for punches   each 39.00 32.50



sample of label punched with 3 different sizes of Alitags character punches, i.e. 6mm, 5mm and 3 mm



Wooden holding Box for punches

Aluminium Labels

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